Thanks, Mr. von Drehle


From an online discussion with David von Drahle, author of the Washington Post article cited here.

Orange County, Calif.: Mr. von Drehle,

I linked to your article from a favorite blog,, and was delighted. Thanks for a great piece. The "Founding Fathers as bloggers" spin was especially ejoyable. Thanks for reminding us that Publius lives.

Emily Younger

David Von Drehle: American Thinker was new to me when I found it this weekend, but obviously the proprietor is a very discerning judge of journalism and, IMHO (as bloggers say!) runs a very handsome blog, too.

Even in an ironic context, in response to a question from a valued contributor, I will gladly accept a compliment. Handsome, eh?

Hat tip: Betsy Newmark

Thomas Lifson   7 18 05