That's me: the nightmare


It sounds like a bad joke but sure enough, Bolivia's leftist dictator wannabe, Evo Morales, seeking to join the Cuba—Venezuela axis of Marxism, declared his rabidly anti—American campaign platform to his pals in the castroite press this morning.

Cuba's state—owned Prensa Latina reports that Morales says he seeks to "be a nightmare to the U.S." and wants Bolivians to vote for him for this reason. See it for yourself here.

Well, we already know the Marxist Morales will be a nightmare to the U.S. — as well as to Bolivia,  Paraguay, Brazil,  Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. Morales intends to nationalize Bolivia's energy industry, drive out foreign investment, rob the people and install a Marxist collectivist government.

What's disturbing is that Morales leads in the polls, with election time (pending court disputes) likely in December. This guy is very bad news indeed.

A.M. Mora y Leon 09 28 05