The Air America documentary on HBO


The Los Angeles Times got an advance look at the HBO documentary on the first few weeks of Air America, which is almost one year old. The article describing what the documentary shows paints a picture of the company eerily similar to the general image of liberals held by conservatives, as these snippets demonstrate:

one of the most overhyped media launches

an acute lack of organization

a company seemingly intoxicated with its own sense of destiny, displaying little regard for the nuts and bolts

a fraught relationship with the truth

It's not clear to me whose funds went in and whose didn't. What is clear to me is that we were all pretty misled

"I have a problem with airing our dirty laundry," Rhodes said.

Air America has been rescued by ideologically—motivated investors, and has found a small niche, mostly courtesy of Clear Channel Broadcasting, which has been a bogeyman to the left due to its extensive presence in conservative talk radio.

Thomas Lifson   3 28 05