The Air America scandal slowly emerges


Several leading bloggers have been following the story of an apparent "loan" of substantial funds from a non—profit organization, a boys and girls club serving minority youth in NYC, to the former corporate parent of Air America, at the time it still owned AAR. The money was never repaid, and the nonprofit stopped functioning.

This apparent scandal has failed to get any attention from the New York Times, despite the Times' high level of interest in publishing favorable stories about the launch of Air America. So far the story has spread from a local Bronx newspaper to bloggers to the Washington Times, and today The New York Sun.

There is more than enough evidence out already to justify substantial attention to the story. It is only ideological filters which keep the story out of the MSM. The longer they continue to embargo the story, the worse they will look in the end.

The dailies are in a fight for their survival. Averting their gaze when their ideological friends' ethics come into question in a colorful manner is yet another nail int heir own coffics.

So, too, with the UN Oil for Food Scandals. With John Bolton on his way to the UN, we may well see a lot more fireworks there. The NYT and others will be playing catch—up on a big story.

Thomas Lifson   8 1 05