The Balkans backfire



Julia Gorin at Jewish World Review provides an excellent account of the results of Clinton's Balkans adventure.  The American Thinker had previously  reported on the inadvertent, or perhaps, deliberate assistance provided by the US and NATO in allowing members of the Mujahadeen to establish a base of terror in Bosnia.  Gorin now reports that much the same has happened in Kosovo, except the Muslim terror groups are of the homegrown variety: the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Gorin describes how, for some mysterious reason, the KLA was taken off the State Department's terrorism list in March of 1999 just as we were beginning the air campaign against Serbia.  According to Gorin,

Getting Slobodan Milosevic out of the way was the big obstacle to the Balkans becoming a smuggling—funded fundamentalist free—for—all.  Al Qaeda, and Iran, sat back and watched Wesley Clark and NATO fight their jihad for them in Europe's underbelly, then hand the Balkans to them on a gold—trimmed silver platter.

First there was a Mujahadeen presence in Bosnia, now Muslim terrorists in Kosovo threaten the Olympics.  Thanks to Clinton, Richard Holbrooke, and Wesley Clark we can now officially open up another front in the War on Terror.

Posted by Doug  8—26—04