The bogus Saddam capture story


In a UPI story filed yesterday, alleged ex—Marine Nadim Abou Rabeh claims to have been part of a 2—man US Marine team that captured Saddam Hussein on December 12, 2003; that a special US unit then came in and staged the 'real capture' featuring Saddam being discovered in his 'rathole.'

Having researched and written about Saddam's capture, I can say without fear of contradiction that there was no special Marine unit involved; that the Butcher of Baghdad was captured at about 8:15 on 13 December at a farmhouse near Ad Dawr, south of Tikrit, designated 'Wolverine 2' by Saddam—hunting special ops soldiers.  Actually, most of the credit for that capture belongs to the officers and men of LTC Steve Russell's 1st Bn, 22nd Infantry, 4th ID. (see my AT article 'Only A Year Ago')

The UPI story is unattributed.  Nadim Abou Rabeh was interviewed in Lebanon.  He needs to prove he was a U.S.Marine.  He needs to prove he was a member of any special unit. 

Speaking of Lebanese—born Marines, remember Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun?  He disappeared from his unit, claimed to have been captured or kidnapped by terrorists, then showed up with his family in Lebanon.  He finally returned to America and an investigation into what really happened was launched.  Hassoun was charged with larceny and illegal retention of his 9mm. handgun.  Then he disappeared, and was charged with desertion in Dec. 2004. 

So what's with Lebanon?  Why the obviously bogus story?  Maybe after that country is rid of Syrian domination...or is that part of the explanation?  Syria, Iraq, Baath party ties, Syrian support of terror ops in Iraq, Syria—Lebanon connections?  Hmmm...

John B. Dwyer  3 10 05