The Boxer rebellion


The Democratic Party is increasingly marked by hysterical commentary by those people who have become its leading lights — while rational Democrats such as Joe  Lieberman are shunted aside. In the last two days, Senator Barbara Boxer has shown her penchant for flouting the Constitution and the rules governing Congress. At first, she stated that she would like to change the Senate Rules regarding confirmation of federal judges to require a super—majority of votes to approve a judge. This appears to violates the US Constitution and Senate Rule 31 . Then she compounded her foolishness by declaring that she does not consider Senator Arlen Specter the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee—though this is his legal  position— but instead considers Pat Leahy (the ranking Democrat) as her chairman .
This is par for the course for Boxer. During the confirmation hearings for Secretary of State Rice she admitted that she had not read the Resolution which gave President Bush the authority to enforce UN resolutions against Saddam Hussein (even though she voted against it) but nevertheless confidently declared that it was solely concerned with WMD. In this she was wrong, since the Resolution expressly dealt with a variety of reasons which could justify action against Hussein. Here you have it.....a Senator who does not read the most important resolution of the last four years even though she votes against it, a lawmaker who does not even understand the Constitution, and a club member who ignores club rules.
Ed Lasky  3 18 05