The Bush-Clinton Political Puzzle Solved


Many on the Right, conservative columnists and talk show hosts in particular, have been puzzled as to why the Bush administration would keep calling on William Jefferson Clinton to be part of the team.  Like Hawaii 5—O's Jack Lord, they can't quite figure out what Bush is up to, but are anxious  to 'book him' for voluntary manslaughter of his own presidency.  They watch as Clinton plays golf with the former President Bush and cringe as he stands side by side raising money with George H.W. Bush.  In fact, they are incredulous as Bush 41 says he has begun to see Bill 'as a son'.  The two former presidents shared this new bond with the world when they famously got together for Tsunami relief. And, of course now, they've be re—joined for Katrina relief.

In this unprecedented procedure, it is Bush 43 who summons both men to the White House and announces that the pair will work together.  Then, he sends them off for photo ops and television interviews.  Why would a Republican President give aid and comfort to a disgraced former Democrat President, who is hungry for a revised legacy?  

Well, in watching the Monday Night Football games this week, the answer became clear.  One couldn't help but be aware of the 'Bush—Clinton Katrina Fund' during the evening that was devoted to fund—raising by the NFL and ABC—TV.   The phrase was shown on the screen and mentioned so often, it was as if someone was desperately trying to tell you something beyond the obvious.  My friend, during the course of the Cowboys demise to the Redskins, the 'message' was received.

This is how the pieces of this puzzle come together.  Bush goes out of his way to bring Bill into the fold.  Bill answers the call.  Bill and the elder Bush do their thing.  Bill shows up, as he did this weekend, on the Sunday shows and trashes the President.

Do you see it? Keep reminding America about the unseemliness of all things Clinton!

The man's many character flaws are creating an Andreas Fault beneath his wife's presidential ambitions.  Keep straining and applying pressure to the vulnerable area and one day, poof!  The earth will move and everything that can be shaken will be shaken. 

It's the opposite of what Democrats did during the John Robert's hearings.  They gave so many pompous and lengthy finger—waging speeches, that they left no time for Robert's to hurt himself by misspeaking (the only hope, really, to beat him).  In fact, they hurt themselves by coming off as cheap imitations of their lunatic base. 

With Clinton, Bush gives him a platform, steps out of the way, and waits for the inevitable self—hanging.  And who supplies the rope?  The anti—Bush media does.  They beg the Big Kahuna to come onto their airwaves and tear Bush apart.  And when he does, the Great Moderate is exposed for who he really is: a left wing politico who's so crooked he couldn't drive a straight road, never mind find the middle of it.  What starving soul bites the hand that feeds it?  It's disgusting to watch. 

But keep this quiet.  We don't want to derail this Bush strategy before it can fully form.  Just hang loose and watch Hillary wipe—out in 2008.

J. James Estrada   9 20 05