The campaign to discredit drug companies continues apace


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is spreading the fallacy

that Thimerosal, a mercury—based preservative in children's vaccines, may [emphasis added] be responsible for the exponential growth of autism, attention deficit disorder, speech delays, and other childhood neurological disorders now epidemic in the United States.

He mentions 'mounting evidence'  and "overwhelming science". Others disagree. Michael Fumento demolished this agitprop in this Wall Street Journal article   Even the New York Times takes issue with Kennedy's unfounded assertions.

Kennedy is harming efforts to get parents to immunize their children for a variety of illnesses.  Parents breathlessly exchange their worries to others about the soundness of vaccines, providing an excuse to avoid the trouble and expense of vaccinating children. A herd mentality can develop, as it seems no big deal to skip vaccinations, because lots of other people are doing it. Thus increases the risk that illnesses will spread through the population. A public health problem that should never happen

The Democrats are at war with the pharmaceutical industry. Polls must be showing them that people are angry at how high drug prices have gotten. [Who really needs polls to know this?] There is an obvious chance to demagogue rich corporations, and champion the common folk. The plaintiff bar can sue 'em, extracting billions (lawyers usually get a third or more).

If the Dems ever get close to power, Hillary and the social engineers can regulate prices (and everything else), get federal entities buying from them, cut special deals, and create a new client industry for Big Government. Hillarycare light. Can you imagine all the lobbying opportunities for starving Democrat—connected lobbyists?

Ed Lasky and Thomas Lifson   7 1 05