The coming coup in Iran


Regime Change Iran highlights the work of Iranian blogger,

Things are really getting nasty here. After Karrubi's unbelievably blunt letter to the Supreme Leader, everything is suddenly changing. All non—fundamentalists are rallying behind Rafsanjani. Many are talking about a possible coup by Sepah and Basij after Friday's second round results.

It's also rumoured (now confirmed ) that Eqbal and Aftab, pro—reform newspapers, were seizes in the printing house last night after they published full text of the letter.

Karrubi for the first time has publically challenged the Supreme Leader and has accused his son of paving the way for an unexpectedly high vote for Ahmadinejad.

As for my own self, I've been advised to stay in Tehran for a couple of more days. But I have to attend a conference in London on Wednesday and if I can't get there by then, it'll be a huge risk staying in Iran.

Stay tuned.
Hoder is perhaps the most famous Iranian blogger. He is an Iranian journalist whose newspaper was shutdown by the regime. He moved to Canada, began blogging and has been a supporter of the reformist movement. He is currently in Iran to witness the vote. He provides a glimpse into the reformist mind in Iran.

Clarice Feldman    6 21 05