The Democratic National Playpen


After Sen. Harry Reid violated the rules to smear Judge Saad, it was clear that the remaining sentient mambers of his party were embarrassed. The tv interview I saw of Senator Feinstein showed a clearly chagrined woman.
Yesterday, it was Congressman Frank's turn to blush with shame and the source of his embarrassment was  the head of his own DNC:
Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Party, said yesterday that the US House majority leader, Tom DeLay, ''ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence," referring to allegations of unethical conduct against the Republican leader.

Dean's remark, in a speech to Massachusetts Democrats at their party convention, drew an immediate rebuke from US Representative Barney Frank, the Newton Democrat and one of DeLay's harshest critics. ''That's just wrong," Frank said in an interview on the convention floor. ''I think Howard Dean was out of line talking about DeLay. The man has not been indicted. I don't like him, I disagree with some of what he does, but I don't think you, in a political speech, talk about a man as a criminal or his jail sentence."

How frustrating it must be to be a grownup confined to a playpen with a bunch of acting out babies?And how much more of this will the grownups endure without taking charge or bolting?

Calrice Feldman    5 15 05