The Democrats' losing hand


We have an interfesting prospect at hand:

John G. Roberts Jr.
Born Buffalo, NY (more likely Hamburg, NY, a conservative suburb)
Attended St. Bernadette's (Catholic) Grammar School until 2nd grade.
Father, an electrical engineer for Bethlehelm Steel who was transferred to Gary, Indiana
Grew up in Long Beach, Indiana
Attended Harvard University and Harvard Law School
Worked summers at Bethlehelm Steel for college money
Practicing Catholic
Married to Jane Sullivan (Irish Catholic?) Roberts, past vice—president, feminists for Life
Has a son and daughter, both adopted
Impeccable legal record
Bush 41 tried to nominate him to Court of Appeals in 1992, but it died in the Senate
Bush 43 tried to nominate him to Court of Appeals in 2001, but it died in the Senate
Bush 43 nominated him to Court of Appeals in 2003 and he was confirmed by a voice vote
Said to respond quickly and intelligently to questioning
So, we have a brilliant Catholic judge with a impeccable record.  It is one thing for Senator Schumer to question the"strong beliefs" of Judge Pryor.  Let's face it, the Democrats lost their appeal to southern Christians long ago, so there wasn't a lot to give up.

But if Schumer tries to do the same thing to Roberts, all hell will break out.  Since John F. Kennedy, the Catholics (including the delusional liberals) have not tolerated political anti—Catholic religious bigotry.  If the Democrats go down that road, they will loose a major portion of the Catholic vote that went for Kerry in 2004.  And remember, Bush got the majority of the Catholic vote even though Kerry said he was Catholic.  Seems to me that in this metaphorical poker game, the Democrats have two choices: raise or fold.  Problem is they don't have a very good hand. 
As for Bush, if Roberts gets confirmed, he not only gets his conservative justice, but he also has salted the court with a Chief Justice replacement in case something happens to the one (I predict Thomas) he appoints to replace Rehnquist.  Now for the insurance:  practicing Catholic with a pro—life wife and two adopted children.  Chances of him turning into an O'Connor or Kennedy are not good. 
Considering the Bush dedication to push Roberts forward since 1992, why didn't more people see this one coming?  It's the loyalty thing.  The Bush Clan recruits the best capable, intelligent people, then they give and demand loyalty.  It's their version of the Marine Corps.   
tom joseph   7 20 05