The deterioration of the UK's MSM


Like many American conservatives, I tend to regard the UK newspaper industry as more diverse than our own. At least some of the major papers, the Telegraph and the Times, are overtly conservative, while the Independent and Guardian are reliably left wing. But British blogger Peter Glover, of Wires from the Bunker, writes today that all is not well, citing a Times screed against Christian Americans:

The sad state of the British mainstream media (MSM) has been the focus of a few postings here recently and is a constant cause for concern in the Blogosphere generally. But I have yet to read anything that matches the unadultered piece of anti—Christian, anti—American bilge in The Times yesterday.

According to an American 'social scientist' belief in God in the USA and UK — which in both cases means primamrily the member s of the Christian church  — are directly responsible for "higher rates of homicide, juvenile and adult mortality, STD infection rates, teen pregnancy and abortion". Read it here for yourself.  I kid you not.

Yesterday, I noted that " If anything certain segments of British society are even more politically correct than their American counterparts..." I am soprry to say that I appear to be correct.

Thomas Lifson   9 28 05