The emerging threat ignored by the MSM


Aleksander Boyd, of the invaluable Vcrisis website, has done some digging into Spain's arms sales to Venezuela. More details will be forthcoming in May, but the indications are all rather grim. Hugo Chavez is building a military force which can threaten his neighbors and cause serious trouble for the region. He is squandering his nation's petrodollars even as the domestic economy suffers, outside of the oil price bonanza. A detailed review shows how Spain is violating EU regulations in arms sales to Venezuela

The MSM in this country is largely ignoring the re—emergence of a communist bloc on our southern flank. We hope that the Bush administration is sufficiently concerned to be developing effective countermeasures. The terror threat is very real, but so is the older—style threat of an alliance of communist tyrannies.

Thomas Lifson  4 8 05