The fireman's flame


1,037 words.  That was the length of the May 3rd New York Times story that ran with the headline, 'Buffalo Fireman Regains Long—Lost Memories.'   The two words that a learned reader would expect to appear in the article, but did not?  Terri Schaivo.  Talk about 'long—lost memories.'

Donald Herbert, the firefighter who spent the last ten years in a state reminiscent of Schaivo, all of a sudden began asking for his wife and family.  The Times story quotes a nursing home worker as saying the miracle occurred 'out of the blue.'  (By the way, they didn't call it a miracle, I did). 

Out of the blue is right.  This occurrence is like two—by—four on the side of the head to those who clamored for the death of Terri Schaivo.  More like 'black and blue.' Ouch!

This news hurts the cause for the culture of death crowd. So what to do about this lightning strike?  'What lightening strike?  I didn't see any lightning strike.'

The Bible tells the story of Saul being knocked off his horse and blinded by a great light.  Saul, who became the Apostle Paul, had the good sense to receive the message being delivered.  That is, 'why do you persecute Me?'  Saul wrongly believed he was doing the work of God by beating, imprisoning and killing Christians.  When the scales fell from his eyes, he became a champion for Christ.

Perhaps those on the Left today who also claim a special piety (see: Al 'How dare they!?' Gore} will one day too get off their high horse and receive grace for a higher calling.  The 'Fireman' is a sign of a new flame rising.  Like the burning bush of Sinai, who will turn aside and see this great sight?

J. James Estrada  5 05 05