The French are practicing eugenics


France shows signs of understanding that the trend toward educated and professional career women avoiding motherhood can be fatal to the life of a nation, a point our own Herb Meyer superbly made in his DVD, The Seige of Western Civilization. The Washignton Times reports:

Middle—class French women will be offered cash incentives to have a third child amid growing concerns that professional couples are having too few children. 

Although France's fertility rate of 1.9 for each couple is relatively high among European countries, family lobbyists are dismayed by a fall in the number of babies born to better—educated women. 

The government will announce its proposals tomorrow when Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, the father of three children, presides at a conference on family life. A big increase in allowances has been widely predicted. 

France's National Union of Family Associations, which is known by its French acronym UNAF and is playing a key role in shaping policy, said the figure should be set at up to $1,250 a month for women with three children, double the present maximum, and should be set according to the woman's salary. [emphasis added]

Unspoken in the policy, though covered in the Washington Times article, is the demographic reality that low income Muslim women in France are having babies at a rate that will make France a predominantly Muslim country in the lifetimes of many of today's children. Tying aid to salary will increasr the incentive for upper income French women to have babies.

Something to think about.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   9 21 05