The good work of agent Kos


Markos Moulitsas, the publisher of the dailykos website, is angry that Dick Durbin faced the music and apologized for his shameful comments on prison conditions in Guantanamo. He also lashes out at Chicago Mayor Richard Daley for criticizing Durbin, a move which apparently led to Durbin's capitulation.

Read the dailykos item on this today ( and then consider whether this intemperate approach will lead to Democrats' coming out of the political wilderness any time soon. In the past year, Kos has called for primary challengers to  Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, and now Richard Daley, two of the saner voices in the Democratic Party. Kos demands that the unreconstructed angry left be fed its raw meat each day— a reckless savaging the Bush administration. 

I encourage Kos to continue his good work. It will help ensure that the Democratic Party remains on a glidepath to  permanent minority status.

Attention moonbats: is Moulitsas a double agent working for Karl Rove?

Richard Baehr   6 23 05