The judicial autocrats


The matter of our out—of—control judicial system should strike people as the most pressing domestic issue of our time. Activist, agenda—driven judges, legislating from the bench, are re—shaping the domestic landscape according to their own personal whims, and are getting away with it to an alarming degree. It's not so much the positions they're taking per se; the real problem is the subverting of the well—established, orderly legal process, the bedrock of our societal foundation.

Thomas Sowell's 3/9 article is must reading. Here's an excerpt:

...The issue of judicial activism is not just an issue of the moment. It is an enduring issue of great moment because it means the erosion of the American people's Constitutional right to govern themselves. If activist judges are allowed to continue to become increasingly our real rulers, what are elections for? Just to provide jobs for politicians?

Steve Feinstein   3 9 05