The liberal reformation


Yesterday American Thinker reported that  worshippers involved with sacred areas of free speech, the universities, quickly condemn those who blaspheme holy liberal scripture by trying to excommunicate them, thereby suppressing their right to speak.
Add conservative columnist/author, Ann Coulter, as another attempted victim when her speech at Kansas University was marred by hecklers. 
Known for mocking the venerated tenets of liberalism with wit and rational thought she continued her speech unafraid.
As soon as she stepped up to the microphone, Coulter fired off one zinger after another about liberalism while promising to answer questions from left—wing members in the audience who could "thrash their way to a coherent thought."

"I've come to find I like liberals a lot more," Coulter said early in her speech. "They're kind of cute when they're cold, shivering and afraid."

Amidst the hoots she observed

"I think there are some people in the audience who meant to be at the sexual reorientation class down the hall," Coulter said, in response to the heckling.

The liberal reformation has begun.

Ethel C. Fenig   3 30 05