The missing poll


From the msm we've been given the impression that the public wants to keep the filibuster. As I recall this was based on its usual tactic of presenting a very skewed picture of the debate and then running a phony poll and giving the poll which supported their take front page treatment. (The old Pewgate gambit.)
Not so fast.
Rasmussen shows a far different picture has emerged as the debate was joined and an honest poll taken:

May 14, 2005 ——As the Judicial Nomination battle moves to its final days in the U.S. Senate, two weeks of partisan posturing have failed to change public opinion in a significant manner.

Today, 57% of Americans say that "Senate rules should be changed so that a vote must be taken on every person the President nominates to become a judge." That's unchanged from two weeks ago.

The only change of more than a point or two in the data came when we asked about the threat of some Democrats to procedurally shut down the Senate if the filibuster rules are changed. Two weeks ago, 51% of Americans were opposed to that strategy. Opposition to Democrats' retaliation has increased to 55% in the current survey.

Democrats around the country are divided on the strategy proposed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid——41% in Reid's party support the threatened shutdown and 33% are opposed. That's little changed over the past week.

Not that you'll see this poll reported.
Clarice Feldman   5 14 05