The most ridiculous item of the day


In today's Saudi newspaper Asharq Al Awsat, a reporter claims that Arab countries stopped a diabolic plan. In fact, according to him, Israel tried to export via European countries beauty products whose main characteristic is their 'cancer power.' But the alert Arab customs authorities are on the lookout and will stop the entry of any of these products. Thank goodness!

A Saudi official interviewed about this news said:  'It is not the first time Israel tried to send the Arab world noxious products; last time they were radioactive watches and belts provoking sterility.'

This, of course, is coming from one of the major newspapers in Arabic in the world. We should not be surprised. A few years ago Suha Arafat, Yasser's wife, said that Israel was poisoning the wells in the territories to kill Palestinians. Coincidentally Hillary Clinton was there and applauded Suha... Sure, Hillary is a good friend of Israel....  

Olivier Guitta  9 14 04