The new Iran strategy?


The excellent website Regime Change in Iran has a provocative and possibly visionary article up today. "Dr. Zin" may well have figured out what the Bush Administration's Iran policy will be, based on recent statements, including last night's SOTU address:

"And to the Iranian people, I say tonight:

As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you."

The entire argument is worth reading, but essentially Bush—the—poker—player has a winning hand if he pursues a diplomatic initiative focused on human rights in Iran. The Euros are very big on human rights, you know, and they would be hard pressed to defend the practices of the mullahs.

Elections are scheduled for Iran this June. It is the perfect opportunity for pressure on the regime to relax its draconian controls. Given the fact that the people of Iran are restive, to say the least, The regime faces the choice of further oppression, inflaming its people, alienating the Euros with whom they do business, or else relaxing, in whic case their hold on power gets shakier.

Read the whole thing.

Thomas Lifson   2 3 05