The newest FDNY chaplain


The latest person appointed to be a chaplain of the New York Fire Department embraces the lunatic assertion that the collapse of the World Trade Center, which killed so many brave firemen, was an inside job, a conspiracy, in other words. And where did he learn this? Why in his studies in Saudi Arabia, of course.

The chaplain in question is Imam Intikab Habib, 30, a native of Guyana who studied Islam in Saudi Arabia. He is the second person appointed to be a Muslim chaplain for the FDNY.

The mind boggles. Why was such a man ever admitted to the United States? Why would such a man receive this honor? And why does he still enjoy the honor of his position?

The answers are all the same: America has turned its toleration of religious diversity into a suicide pact.

Hat tip: Herb Meyer

Thomas Lifson   9 30 05