The NY Sun shines brightly


Complementing the recent mention here praising the New York Sun's scoop about a UN official working for the Kerry campaign in violation of UN rules is still yet another dirty not so little secret exposed by the aptly named Sun.
Of course it involves the UN and oil for food.  And of course it involves the French.

Investigators looking into the U.N. oil—for—food program, poring over documents provided to Congress here, are discovering that vast sums intended for humanitarian purposes in Iraq were rerouted through a global web of companies with links to terrorist funding and arms trafficking.

The fresh clues to the money trail are emerging from a House hearing that focused last week on BNP Paribas, the French bank picked by the United Nations to service the bulk of the U.N.—supervised deals. At the hearing, one of its officers acknowledged a number of what he characterized as "mistakes" in the handling of funds under the oil—for—food program.

But the documents provided by BNP under congressional subpoena and examined by The New York Sun suggest to congressional investigators that some of these mistakes involved the rerouting of money through a global web of companies linked not only to terrorist funding and arms trafficking but also to anti—sanctions campaigning and front operations for the Iraqi regime itself.

Ethel Fenig   5 05 05