The NYT relies on Counterpunch for facts?


I read this offensive New York Times article  late in the day and was going to do some research on he author and the subject of the article (civilian body counts in Iraq).

I thought that one of he more offensive parts of the article was the new euphemism for terrorists—"unknown agents." Fortunately, the folks at NY Times Watch were on target, noting the article, written by a Muslim who might just be a little biased. (Remember the recent story about a terrorist—linked journalist working for the U.K.'s Guardian?) relied on information by Counterpunch and other non—reliable sources.

Counterpunch is a notorious anti—Semitic web site which routinely propagates conspiracy theories about Jews. A google search with Counterpunch and Jews or anti—Semitism would show an abundance of URLS. Thank you, New York Times, for your support against the forces of hate.

Ed Lasky   7 20 05