The NYT's "expert"


Belinda Board, whose ridculous hit piece found space on the New York Times op—ed pages, has already been questioned by us here and here. One of 70 graduate students at a provincial British university, she has nevertheless been a busy little bee these past few years, spreading her "expertise" widely.

More than 3 years ago, readers of a British adult sex site, Adultsx [caution: language and pictures x—rated] were treated to this example of her profound grasp of psychology, in a study "commissioned by Archers Schnapps":

"It's interesting that "happily married" role models like Brad Pitt [emphasis added] and David Beckham, could be influencing young men by taking the stigma away from settling down earlier on in life. "This in turn is prompting a natural competitiveness amongst young men who now fear being left on the shelf whilst all their friends get married." She added: "For women, TV shows like Friends, Ally McBeal and Sex And The City that portray single, independent thirty—something women could be influencing the next generation of young women more than we think."

The New York Times opinion pages under Gail Collins and an adult sex site both go to the same "authority" for their cutting edge research insights.

Thomas Lifson   5 14 05