The root of delusion


Why does the left (see the BBC and Michael Moore, for example) insist that terrorism doesn't exist? Here's as good an explanation as I've seen. The website Dr. Sanity writes:

The Left calls international terrorism an "illusion." I call the the views of the Left "delusional". Thier illusion is a concoction of wishful thinking, projection, and outright denial of reality.

What we see in the delusion that "terrorism does not exist", is a desperate attempt by the Left to explain—— in terms they can understand, their own fall from power and influence in the world. They would rather believe this illusional "nightmare enemy gives so many groups new power and influence in a cynical age — and not just politicians"; rather than to deal with the fact that they no longer have the power and influence they once had, prefering to believe that it has been stolen away from them by vague conspiratorial forces.

Additionally, they unknowingly demonstrate the typical cold grandiosity and arrogance of the true paranoid, by asserting that their own superior intellect allows them to see beyond the obvious facts that we mere mortals must deal with.(snip)

Further projection and paranoia are fairly common when one attempts to confront delusion. The confronter almost always becomes incorporated into the delusional "plot" in the eyes of the paranoid (that is why so many on the Left accuse Right—leaning bloggers of being "paid off" by the Republicans or that they are merely regurgitating the "talking points" of thw Administration——as if we don't have independent thinking faculties that have logically brought us to the same conclusions). (more)

Clarice Feldman   7 24 05