The Rudy solution for Mexico?


Are they migrants or illegals?  In any event, they now own a ranch in Janet Napolitano's Arizona.  It seems two men from El Salvador had an encounter with a group called Ranch Rescue.  One of the men said he was pistol whipped by Ranch Rescue leader Casey Nethercott, the man whose ranch they were awarded by a judge. 'The immigrants also said that the group gave them cookies, water and a blanket and let them go after an hour or so.'

What a country!  No wonder most citizens of Mexico would prefer to live in the United States.  The ultimate solution to this problem may be this:  send Rudy Giuliani south of the border to serve as Mexican president for a couple of terms.  If he can turn New York City around...why not Mexico? 

J. James Estrada  8 25 05

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