The Secretary of State and the fashonistas


Ah, now we know that Condoleezza Rice is making a difference——fashion reporters are discussing her clothes.  

None of these stylists ever commented on predecessor's Colin Powell's suits did they?  And even the outfits of the first female Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, were ignored——probably too, too dull for to be worthy of their attention.

But now a black female Republican Secretary of State is unapologetically setting forth the American doctrine.  All of this is so unnerving that even fashionistas have been forced to admit that successful women over the age of 25 who aren't even in the entertainment field are worthy of their haughty gaze and thoughts.
And so they graciously share their fashion knowledge

Invest in your appearance. Good—quality tailoring isn't cheap, so be prepared to pay for fitted pieces that flatter your figure. Look at Prada, Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret, MaxMara and Armani. Avoid anything too masculine — you want elegance and authority
Wear subtle yet expensive jewellery

Hair and nails should always be immaculate 

Don't carry a scruffy bag or briefcase

Beware of showing too much leg or bosom, or wearing low—cut trousers that risk flashing the top of your knickers

Don't wear too much make—up and don't overaccessorise

Frills don't work in the boardroom — a 45—year—old woman in a floaty skirt looks ridiculous. Be age—appropriate

Somehow I don't think Dr. Rice really cares about their guidelines and could give them a few herself.

Ethel C. Fenig   4 10 05