The spirit of Paris: appeasement


Iran has hidden a nuclear weapons program for two decades, imports centrifuges for uranium enrichment, is building a heavy water reactor to process plutonium for nuclear weapons. They have smuggled uranium into the country, paid off the Pakistani nuclear weapons merchant for technology to build bombs, are developing ballistic missiles and openly declare Israel and America as the "little Satan" and the "Big Satin". They have been declared the world's worst terror sponsoring nation 10 years in a row by our State Department and their Hezbollah friends killed hundreds of Americans in the Beirut bombing of the Reagan years. Yet the EU continues to agree to their demands and indulges their egregious  behavior. Yesterday, the French Foreign Minister (or is he the Arab League Foreign Minister?) characterized yesterday's latest appeasement as being done in "the spirit of France". How true and how arrogant at the same time.

Quote: "We continue to work in the spirit of Paris." The only truthful thing to come out of a French Foreign Minister's mouth in a long, long time.

Ed Lasky  5 26 05