The thoughts of Chairman Timmy


Fascism on the left is becoming more and more blatant. Not all leftists are incipient fascists, to be sure, but some of the now—foundational ideas embraced by the left would have been right at home under National Socialism. Group rights and the notion that some ethnicities are owed a historic debt by other ethnicities, for example.

But it is still comparatively rare to see a leftist claiming to be an "uebermensch" — Nietzsche's concept of a superman who cannot be judged the rest of us mere mortals. But Timothy Shortell, the Brooklyn College Sociology Department chairman whose bigoted rant against religious believers was noted by us earlier, has decided to reveal himself as a superman, according to the New York Daily News. He has also adopted the royal "we" to refer to himself. 

"I have been attacked recently in the New York newspapers," he wrote. "We laugh at our critics. We will behold with joy their silly tantrums."

He also called himself and others who share his beliefs "ermenschen," a reference to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's idea of the perfect person, or "superman."

Chairman Timmy should keep talking and writing. We are all learning many valuable things from him.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Thomas Lifson   5 25 05