The turning point?


The Los Angeles Times has a new Presidential poll out today  that shows President Bush now in front  of John Kerry by 3%, 49—46%. The LA Times has had a checkered history  with its recent polling, in that it often oversamples Democrats and underrepresents Republicans in its survey sample.  Not surprisingly, LA Times  polls missed the Schwarzenegger election rout, and generally appear very favorable for the Democratic nominee.

The paper, no friend to the Bush Administration, still looks for some positive sign for Kerry,and finds it in the fact that of the 5% undecided ( a very small percentage this far out from the election), most in this group seem negative about the Administration.

Other polling resutls (Rasmussen, IBD) also indicate a falloff in support for Kerry, and a lift for Bush. Kerry has made his Viet Nam service —— all 4 months of it, the centerpiece of his campaign. Now that questions are being raised about his service, and soem  voters ae harng for the first time about his anti—war activities after he returned, he is on the defensive. Couple with  the GOP convention next week, and Bush may be a few points ahead in all the polls come two weeks from now.