The war on the War on Drugs


Hugo Chavez, the left wing dictator of Venezuela, is declaring war on America's War on Drugs, ending all bilateral antidrug cooperation, and expelling Drug Enforcement Administration employees. The Boston Globe reports:

On Wednesday, the head of the Venezuelan antidrug agency said DEA agents and their equipment had been evicted from his headquarters. The announcement followed accusations by Chavez in a speech last week that DEA agents were spying on his government. He said in the same speech that he had decided to end all bilateral antidrug cooperation.

Venezuela is moving dangerously far in the direction of a rogue state. The global narco—terrorists benefit from this move. Iran's new close friend and oil business ally in the Western Hemisphere is becoming an open threat in the struggle against terror. No longer a mere nuisance.

Ed Lasky and Thomas Lifson   8 19 05