Thinking outside the box (a series)


If you are a parent or concerned citizen, you have probably bemoaned the schools' lack of attention given to teaching the basics of financial common sense*. While op—ed writers and pundits criticize the lack of personal savings by Americans, the foolhardy financial choices they often make, and their lack of foresight regarding planning for the future, very few of them propose any remedies except increased governmental "help."
President Bush has recognized the need for Americans to once again assume responsibility of their own financial affairs and has produced a visionary plan for an "ownership society" where people take control of their own financial futures (with a bacstop of government aid when necessary). Now, a nonprofit foundation wants to help. Instead of sponsoring identity politics, promoting racial resentments, anti—American professors and think tanks, the National Endowment for Financial Education plans to introduce across the nation an advertising campaign which will help teach Americans how to better handle their finances and their future.
The Foundation already works with almost 100 national nonprofit groups, such as the American Cancer Society, the AARP, and the Boy Scouts, to develop financial literacy programs for young adults, single parents, and the disabled. Now a much larger group will be reached who will clearly benefit from this program.
We thank you and wish you the best of luck!
* For instance, my third grader is spending two weeks learning about....the Prairie. The Prairie! How about math, history, science?
Ed Lasky   9 20 05