To save Terri Schiavo - a new proposal


The person in the position to rescue Terri Schiavo is Pinellas Park Mayor William Mischler. He should dispatch an ambulance to transport her to a hospital emergency room. At that time, the paramedics should transfer custody to the hospital medical staff.
The emergency room staff is tasked with the duty to evaluate their patient. This will enable determining the current medical status of the patient. Is she brain dead? Does she have any brain function? What does an MRI (which she apparently has never been given!!!) indicate?
Upon a determination of her condition, her next of kin can choose a medically appropriate course of treatment. That means her husband can choose a legally and ehtically appropriate treatment. Withholding food & water from a patient that is not brain dead is illegal.
So, whatever her  true condition, a legal medical treatment will be initiated.
It is much better to send the ambulance while she still has vital signs (pulse & respiration) than have her die while she could possibly survive!
Bruce Thompson    3 27 05