Tribute to the SecDef


For the umpteenth time, I have read a David Limbaugh column and thought to myself, "Why didn't you say that? You agree with every word of it."

We have proudly published our own tribute, written by military historian John B. Dwyer. But I have been sadly deficient in expressing the gratitude I feel for Donald Rumsfeld's extraordinary service to our cohuntry. I will eschew embarrassing contemplation of the liimits of my talent, and just urge you to read David's tribute to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, a man for whom my admiration deepens day—by—day. Sample:

Almost every time Mr. Rumsfeld opens his mouth in public, people accuse him of arrogance, rudeness, evasiveness and insubordination to people who aren't even his superiors. Day after day, week after week, month after month, this brilliant, sagacious man is treated like a punching bag by people who couldn't hold his briefcase. We are talking about a man who is in his late sixties, independently wealthy, professionally accomplished beyond the wildest dreams of his detractors, and who has nothing personally to gain through his position.

Thomas Lifson  2 18 05