UN "Not in mood" for change


The United Nations is supplying further evidence that it is incorrigible, a hopeless case of a decadent buraucracy interested only in its own perquisites and survival. Kofi Annan's chief aide avers

"We're not in the mood for more wholesale change," said Mark Malloch Brown, who became Mr. Annan's chief of staff and primary adviser three months ago. 

"Senior appointments will not stop, but there is no wholesale change," he told The Washington Times in an interview earlier this week.

That is it—a few people are fired or put on leave after sex—for—food scandal, oil—for—food scandal, attempts to derail the Presidential election, feckless responses to Darfur, and enforcing its own Resolutions, fraud in Weather agency, incompetency, sexual harrasment, coddling of dictators....

Ed Lasky   3 18 05