UN Population Fund


Carol Platt Liebau, of the California Republic website, blogged some very interesting comments, in response to Steve Gilbert's article today on Peggy Kerry's activities:

What caught my eye is that this gal is apparently a pretty radical feminist.  One of the things she's promising that her baby brother will do, if elected, is restore the $34 million to the UN Population Fund that the Bush Administration has been withholding (in the honorable tradition of the Reagan and Bush I Administrations).
Two weeks ago, this little detail wouldn't have meant anything to me.  But for my appearance on the PBS show "To the Contrary" a week ago, one of the originally scheduled topics had been the decision to withhold $34 million from the UN Population Fund, (i.e. is the decision motivated by the President's Evangelical Christianity?  Discuss.) 
Overcoming the temptation to avert my eyes from the sewer that is the UN, I researched the Fund, and came up with some pretty appalling information.  Contrary to its name and what people like the Kerrys would have you believe, it's not an entity that just gives out birth control to struggling families in the Third World —— few, after all, could object to a mission like that (although some could for justifiable religious reasons). 
As it turns out, this little outfit, the U.N. Population Fund, is complicit with the Chinese policy of forced abortions and involuntary sterilization.  Looks wacko on paper, but it's true.  In some Chinese counties, it even shares an office with the Chinese "Office of Family Planning," which is tasked with enforcing China's one—child policy.
So here's how it goes:  the UN Population Fund gives China money for things like portable ultrasound machines.  Sounds okay . . . but then it turns out that the Chinese government is ultrasounding women without their consent, and if they are carrying an "unauthorized" baby, i.e. they already have a child, they get an abortion —— whether they want one or not.  And they are often sterilized without their consent.  Kind of turns the euphemism for abortion "Choice" on its head, doesn't it?
According to congressional testimony from entities like Amnesty International, journalists, even Chinese women themselves, babies may be delivered, then their skulls injected with poison, and the bodies thrown in trash cans.

Thomas Lifson  9 27 04