US banning Koran desecration?


Jason Pappas of Liberty and Culture has noticed a threat to freedom of exporession at the hand of Demoratic representative John Conyers:

Mr. John Conyers, who, according to this article, has introduced a resolution that 'condemns bigotry and intolerance against any religious group, including our friends, neighbors and citizens of the Islamic faith.' (Hat tip: Sixth Column)

I find this offensive. In response, I will send my representatives the following letter:

I must protest any resolution, such as that offered by Rep. Conyers, or any law that specifies respect for a religion. The 1st amendment, which allows freedom of religion, also allows freedom to speak out against religion. In addition, Islam is a political ideology first and foremost. To restrict political speech is a gross violation of the 1st amendment which threatens the very discourse required for a functioning democracy.

Jason even threatens to organizae public Koran—burnings in protest, if the bill moves forward. There might be some unfortunate consequences, so let's hope it doesn't get to that point.

I didn't know Democrats had such respect for religion. I guess as long as it isn't Christianity....

By the way, Rep. Conyers of Michigan has a lot of Arabs in his district. From his web page...   on the right hand side of the home page...

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