Venezuela's oil production collapsing


Here's a real bombshell that's been ignored by the mainstream media: Quick, name the last time you saw 'Venezuela' mentioned in a financial news story about rising oil prices at the pump?

World oil prices have been above $50 a barrel for more than a month now, and all you ever read as reasons are 'speculative trading,' 'hedge funds,' 'uncertainty in Iraq,' and 'demand from China.' Google 'oil prices' and 'Venezuela,' and, other than the occasional vague reference to Venezuelan 'uncertainty,' you don't see a thing. That's a real omission by the mainstream media.

It's probably ignorance—based rather than ideologically based, (Venezuela's state oil company doesn't return phone calls as it used to) but regardless of reason, it keeps U.S. consumers completely in the dark about the real reason why oil prices are hitting the stratosphere.