Weekend update


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to join Iowahawk, a.k.a. David Burge, for a celebration of his young website's millionth visitor. If you are not familiar with David's satirical writing, you are missing the opportunity for serious laughter at the expense of targets well—deserving the ridicule he dishes out in ample portions.

It would probably surprise few of his fans to discover that Iowahawk is a connoisseur of, and expert on, Tiki bars, the now—unfashionable remnant of a post—World War II fascination with and appreciation of South Seas decor. Accordingly, the festivities took place in one of the finest surviving examples of the Tiki bar movement, located conveniently close to Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

The tropical drinks imbibed only served to heighten my appreciation for Hawk's erudition. David embodies three qualities rarely found together: humor, genius, and utter lack of (indeed hostility toward) pretension. Now more than ever, America needs Iowahawk.

Thomas Lifson  3 14 05