Tony Blankley delivers a well—deserved thrashing to a recent report of Chatham House, aka the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a venerable organization once highly respected.

Chatham House, formerly known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, announced its considered judgment last week that Britian's alliance with the United States in Iraq contributed to the cause of the terrorist strike on London a fortnight ago. The report then went on to pronounce that the key problem in Britain for preventing terrorism is that the country is "riding as a pillion passenger with the United States in the war on terror." What a vile, lying, contemptuous assertion.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a pillion is a padded, woman's passenger seat on a motorcycle driven traditionally by a man. 

The British are riding as a "pillion passenger"? Tell that to Royal Scots Dragoons, the Black Watch Regiment, the Irish Guard, the 7th Armoured Brigade, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, the 33rd Engineers Explosive Ordinance DisposalRegiment,theRoyal Marines, the Special Air Service (special forces), the Staffordshire Regiment, the Royal Air Force the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and the many other British military units fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thank—you, Tony.

Jack Kemp   7 20 05