Would you buy a used war policy from this man?


John Kerry takes so many different positions, and speaks so contradictorily that even his own campaign spokesmen don't know where he stands. In a stunning development, James Rubin, top foreign policy advisor of the Kerry campaign (and top spouse of CNN's war correspondent C. Amanpour, who, of course, remains an objective source of news) has retracted his explanation of his boss's position on the Iraq war:

In a statement to The [Los Angeles] Times, James P. Rubin said he was wrong when he recently said that as president, Kerry "in all probability" would also have invaded Iraq if weapons inspections broke down and the United Nations explicitly authorized war.

"I never should have said the phrase 'in all probability' Kerry would have launched a military attack because that's not Kerry's position and he's never said it," Rubin said in the statement.

The Los Angeles Times also notes:

Steve Schmidt, a spokesman for Bush's reelection campaign, said the statement by Rubin, an assistant secretary of state for public affairs during the Clinton administration, was "more in a long line of confusing statements by John Kerry and his advisors" about the war in Iraq.

Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt

Posted by Thomas  8 25 04