Wrinkley 60 year old European actresses


As noted earlier, the Cannes Film Festival head stated this year's awards will be given solely for artistic merit, not on political correctness. 
While the jury is still out on that America bashing continues in the film community, European subdivision.
Speaking before the screening of Lemming, star Charlotte Rampling called film—making in Europe less "barbaric" than Hollywood for ageing actress. "The system in Europe is not like Hollywood. It is not as barbaric," said the 60—year—old actress. "The fact that you have a few wrinkles is not a reason to be put away."

"In Europe, thank goodness, they have realised that and I'm still here".

Uh, Charlotte, while knocking Hollywood is easy and loads of fun, let's be realistic here.  Most Hollywood movies are made for adolescent males, who are barbaric by nature.  So are the movies that appeal to them which automatically excludes just about any female over the age of 35.

Americans have no desire to sit in movie theaters watching  35 year olds, or even 60 year olds for that matter, in dark, convoluted European movies such as your Lemmings latest.

As for Hollywood ladies over 60——hey Jane Fonda is back, all nicely nipped and tucked. And Barbra Streisand, with that glorious nose and voice, was sensational in her recent successful film.  They also criticize America just like you and still manage to get work..

So Charlotte dear, go find yourself a nice 35 year old male.  You'll feel much better.  If you're really, really nice to him he might take care of you in your really wrinkley old age; something the Europeans don't always do as you might recall from that torrid French summer when so many elderly died alone from heat stroke in that oh so civilized country which makes oh so civilized movies.

Ethel C. Fenig   5 13 05