Yet more left wing thuggery


Pat Buchannan was doused with salad dressing while delivering a speech at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo last night. Shouting, "Stop the bigotry," the attacker succeeded in silencing the speech of which he disapproved.

Regrettably, the free speech suppressor was released on a mere $100 bail, and faces only misdemeanor charges. CNN reports

"He could have faced a felony assault charge, but Pat Buchanan decided to not press that charge," university spokesman Matt Kurz said.

I think this is misplaced compassion on Buchannan's part. I implore him to reconsider, and press felony charges. Why is Buchannan being so soft on serious crime? Yes, serious crime.

My friend and fellow—blogger Steve Bainbridge commented

"It's only a matter of time until they start using guns"

and he is entirely correct. Thuggery always escalates unless it is severely repressed. That's why we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, isn't it?

But aside from worrying about where this will lead, there is the little matter of where it has already gotten us.