Yet more on Mattis


The proprietor of the Villainous Company website has written to offer a view contrary to that expressed by letter writer Stephen Prince.

I read your "reader letter" re: General Mattis and I have a different view.  It is not based upon a defense of "liking to kill people" or any other such idiocy.  I think your reader is off—base on this one and hope you'll offer your readers an opposing viewpoint.

If you're interested, you have my permission to run this with or without a link to my site — I really don't care about the traffic.  I'm only interested in presenting another point of view. On the off chance that my real name shows up anywhere, please do not use it.  My husband is active duty and knows Gen. Mattis. I neither know nor care about the man. 

My husband (typically) expressed no opinion to me on this matter — I wrote this while he was away.

2 07 05