You be the judge


The Washington Post is supposed to be the dominant daily newspaper in the nation's capital, more influential than any other source of news and opinion, and its political writer Dan Balz is well—reputed. I was therefore amused — and a bit provoked — to see a column published Saturday which made many of the same points that our own Richard Baehr made in his column for The American Thinker two days previous.

The wording of the two articles differs substantially, so there can be no question of plagiarism. However, at a minimum, you can see for yourself by comparing Balz  and Baehr that you could have had the preponderance of the same insights two full news cycles earlier by reading our humble website, instead of the mighty and still—respected Washington Post.

Great minds, we are frequently reminded, think alike, so the entire affair is probably quite innocent. However, I would point out, as Mr. Baehr's editor and friend, that some great minds think substantially faster than others.

Thomas Lifson   9 12 04