Biology determines personality (and gender)

Three Identical Strangers is an excellent documentary about triplets (and twins) who were put up for adoption and placed in different types of homes in order to secretly study their differences due to different environments.  This project was the brainchild of Peter B. Neubauer, a Freudian Jewish psychiatrist.  Considering that the project was well funded, employed numerous individuals, lasted over a decade, and accumulated a lot of data, the fact that the results were never published is extremely suspicious, especially if one does a Google Search on Neubauer and sees that he published numerous articles full of Freudian gibberish.  I suspect that the results may have gone against his hypothesis and that the hypothesis was that nurture (environment) is more important than nature (genetics), since the triplets (and twins) independently developed identical interests and mannerisms.

This is relevant today because of idiocies being peddled by both feminists and transgender activists – namely, that "gender" is fluid and non-binary.  If you were around during the 1970s, you may remember that the feminists promoted an ideal called "androgyny," which was an unappetizing image of men who were thin and short and women who had no hips or breasts, both with cropped hair.  It didn't catch on.  That ideal has now been transmogrified into the transgender movement.

The transgender movement is actually another manifestation of the anti-masculine movement prevalent in society, as seen in the grotesque caricatures put forth by feminists, the sex abuse hysteria, the way fathers and husbands are portrayed on television, the attacks on fraternities by university administrators, etc.  The actual number of transgenders is actually miniscule, in spite of the propaganda insinuating that every man, woman, and child is potentially transgender.

Leftists are fervent Lysenkoists, believing that if they control the environment, they can therefore shape a person any way they want to.  The idea that personality, intelligence, or sense of gender is genetic is anathema to them and invariably elicits the knee-jerk accusations of racism and Nazis.  The problem is that twin (and triplet) studies have consistently shown that genetically identical persons reared apart from each other, in totally different environments, do consistently demonstrate identical interests, mannerisms, vocations, romantic interests, intelligence, etc.

Years ago, my (first) wife took my two sons (four and five) with her to buy a present for a friend's daughter.  When she entered the girl's clothing section, the boys got into their heads that the girl's clothing was for them.  One burst out crying, and the other one became enraged.

On another occasion, a single mother who let her infant son grow his hair long and dressed him up in a feminine manner took him shopping.  As had happened before, he was told what a pretty girl he was, which elicited cries of "I'm a boy!"  When this happened once too often, he yanked his pants down and pointed to the proof, yelling, "See?  I'm a boy!"

An infamous case involved David Reimer, a boy, almost castrated through a botched circumcision.  Sex researcher John Money convinced his parents to castrate him and raise him and dress him as a girl, which they did.  Unfortunately, the boy felt stressed because he wanted to do masculine activities.  He felt male.  As he grew up, he questioned his sanity.  Meanwhile, Money was lionized by feminists, since he claimed that his "treatment" had been a success and proved that gender was, indeed, a social construct.  Ultimately, the victim learned the truth and committed suicide, while Money blamed on everyone else for his failure to adjust.

In short, gender is not a "social construct."  It is innate.

Nowadays, leftists are invading elementary, middle, and high schools to promote the transgender ideal, supported by quacks, with (as usual) no real opposition from conservatives.  Children deserve to be protected from these fanatics.

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