It’s time to stop accommodating the crazies in America

It should be apparent to all that normal, productive people no longer sit at America’s heart. Instead, our government bows to, and we taxpayers support, all of the fringes, whether economic or social. This is an unsustainable burden for any society, even one like America, which used to be robust enough to handle a deadbeat fringe. (That’s in addition to the “widows and orphans” that all moral societies assist.)

Just today, I heard about an absurd new fad: Bed Rotters, who are people who stay in bed for days at a time. I found it difficult to believe, but at least thirty million Gen Zers can’t seem to cope with everyday life and are part-time Bed Rotters. However, other former fringe behaviors and values have moved to the center of American life.

Homosexuality is no longer just accepted in the West; it’s promoted. That puts us at odds with other parts of the world. India has few gay people, and laws and customs are not supportive. In China, there’s not the acceptance or customs to allow it there. Islam, of course, declares homosexuality to be an apostate practice, complete with executions, something Queers for Palestine seems to have missed.

Although the number of LGBTQ+ people grows daily (suggestion faddism and social contagion), practitioners in this sexual cult are still a minute portion of the American population, yet the time devoted to them and their societal travails is immense. Who benefits? Not society as a whole, which is why it’s not organic but is a planned assault on norms.

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Illegal immigration is being normalized, with Joe Biden calling illegal aliens “newcomers” as if they have a right to be here. New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, floated the idea of inviting asylum seekers into private homes. It seems everyone with a microphone (or megaphone?) is demanding we welcome a hoard of low-skill invaders into our country unvetted, medically undiagnosed, and frequently criminally active into our country. You’re supposed to close your eyes, cover your ears, and chant newcomer over and over until you, too, see the magnificent wisdom of Biden and his progressive left.

Fortunately, Americans seem resistant to this indoctrination. Illegal immigration is the number one issue this election season. Thirty-eight months into his term, Biden can only blame the Republicans for his decision to open the border in his first 100 days in office.

Schools across America have abandoned teaching traditional subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and civics. They are, instead, indoctrination centers for progressive ideas about sex, race, patriotism, and economics. Why are we unsurprised that little Johnny is a MIT (Marxist in training)?

The government is growing at unprecedented rates, sucking money out of the economy and freedom out of American lives.

Democrats have gone from demanding that abortions be “safe, legal, and rare,” to demanding abortion up to birth, without restrictions. Their acolytes “shout their abortions,” showing pride in having murdered a child.

To win the election, Biden will say and do anything to placate his base, no matter how unprincipled. There’s no question that Sen. Schumer’s recent denunciation of the Israeli government had the administration’s seal of approval (as Biden later made explicit). Otherwise, there would be no way that the highest-ranking elected Jewish official in America could state that Israel does not have a right to defend itself. What makes this particularly pernicious is that Hamas, which Biden supports in order to win votes, is lying about civilian casualty numbers.

I challenge anyone to find another time in our history when America’s producers, the ones who make and pay for things, were under such sustained legal, moral, governmental, and social attacks. Each of these attacks encourages bad outcomes. They also give the producers reasons to check out, retire, be angry, or abandon trust in their institutions. Indeed, Americans mistrust our government at record-high levels.

In a free country, individuals should be able to make non-criminal choices with which others disagree. However, those choices must not impede others nor make the country unable to function. Indeed, as a general matter, society, from the government on down, should encourage behaviors that benefit society. In the past, that was a given. Now, not so much.

We have the tools (our Constitution) and the option of a Constitutional Convention that our magnificent forbearers knew we might need one day. So, while the airwaves and social media are filled with emotional appeals to let people love the people they want, do what they want, and be whatever they want to be accepted as normal, moral, and good, this thesis fails because the producers won’t (and cannot) subsidize them forever. Eventually, conformity is the societal glue that we rely on for our future. This is the most crucial question of our times, my friends. Crazy cannot be what we aspire to.

God Bless America.

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