Schadenfreude: New movie labeling white people ‘dangerous animals’ flops at box office

Never mind the masterful storytelling and thrill of a well-done plot like Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game, because Hollywood isn’t interested in quality; instead, studio executives prefer to push out the Democrat left’s narrative of a white-on-black “racism” dystopia, which is why their new movie labeling white people the “most dangerous animal[s]” flopped at the box office, barely breaking the $1 million mark despite showing in more than 1,100 theaters across the nation.

Here’s the gist of the story, from a report by Kristine Parks at Fox News:

Focus Features’ ‘The American Society of Magical Negroes’ took the 9th spot at the box office last weekend, grossing $1,304,270 while playing in 1,147 locations around the U.S.

The film centers around a young man who is recruited to be part of a ‘society’ where Black people use their magical powers to make White people comfortable, so that they don’t hurt Black people.

From what I gather, the movie is supposed to be a sinister comedy of sorts, an “alternate” reality (the film obviously implores the viewer to read between the lines) in which all “white” people are monsters à la Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, ready to snap at any moment and give in to their inherent marauding white hood lynching tendencies—everyone is just trying to survive in the evil white man’s world—but thank goodness for humanity’s sake, there is a group of self-sacrifical and heroic “magical negros,” all of whom are dedicating their lives to keeping the white man’s murderous appetite for others lulled into remission by catering to his every whim. In a trailer for the movie, we see the black mentor tell the protagonist that when white people are “uncomfortable” they become the “most dangerous animal[s] on the planet.” 

Ironically, I wholeheartedly agree with that last part—just as long as we’re being specific and narrowing down these “white people” to the abortionists murdering millions of children (many of whom are black) every year, or the politicians in the leftist regimes of the West forcing the jab, pushing euthanasia, and/or supporting terrorist death groups and governments around the world through their asinine policies. Then absolutely, these white people are the most dangerous creatures on the face of the earth.

As I noted above, although this movie was marketed as a comedy the story was supposed to compel viewers to self-reflect, to adopt a more divisive perspective: blacks are too civil and submissive, whites are hopeless oppressors. And, as Parks wrote, even critics “who were sympathetic to the movie’s political message” thought it missed the mark; not because it was just a ridiculously movie fostering unnecessary discord and strife though, but rather because it failed to be adequately aggressive in its political message. Michael O’Sullivan, a film critic at The Washington Post, said the movie didn’t make white audience members uncomfortable enough; in his words, it was a “bloodless satire that’s too eager to please.”

What’s funny, is the minds behind the movie would have you believe these “magical negroes” are the same ones who took the opportunity provided by hurricanes to loot Foot Lockers across Louisiana and Florida, the people running smash-and-grab operations through Los Angeles, and the residents of Chiraq. In other words, completely out of touch with reality.

Why not take inspiration from actual reality, and build stories based on the greatest examples of “magical negroes” of the world? Men like Dr. Thomas Sowell, who through reason, logic, and honesty, went from being a Marxist to one of the most brilliant conservative thinkers of our time, because surely he deserves the recognition! Women like Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first black female to graduate from Harvard Medical School, and a staunch supporter of life who eventually founded a national right to life organization. What about professors like Walter E. Williams, whose contributions to setting the historical record in America straight cannot be appreciated enough? Clarence Thomas? This man grew up in the red dirt of rural Georgia, but overcame it all through his unbelievable work ethic and mind, advancing on merit alone, against legitimate bigotry! Bigotry he still faces today… from the left!

Not that I’m a good litmus test for what’s popular in Hollywood and pop media, but it should be abundantly clear that the majority of American consumers (of all colors) have had it with the “woke” garbage; if you scroll through YouTube comments, you see a number of people chime in to announce they’re black… before they eviscerate the plot and the obvious agenda of division.

Feels good to be united with my American brothers and sisters, rooting on for this type of content to fail miserably.

Image: YouTube video screen grab.

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